The luxury of jeweled butt plugs

Are you bored with regular butt plugs and want some zing in your plug play. Well, have you thought of trying a jeweled butt plug for a change? Looks do matter at times. And these bejeweled butt plugs are so gorgeous that they can stimulate you right from the first sight. A stunning blend of beauty and function, jeweled plugs are truly one-of-a-kind.

What are jeweled butt plugs?

As the name says, the jeweled butt plugs are anal plugs with a lovely jewel pr crystal at the base. The basic design of these plugs is the same as that of your regular plug. You will find the same teardrop body with a flared base. But it’s the gorgeous stone at the base that makes all the difference. One look at it and you can’t wait to have it inside your back.

Also, known as princess plugs for their gaudy look, these bejeweled butt plugs are especially a favorite among women. However, men too can use it with glee as the plug functions the same as a butt plug. Jeweled plugs are like the most treasured accessory you may have in your adult toy arsenal. Given their fancy looks, it would be great to save them for your special celebrations- like your anniversary or birthday.

It’s to note here jeweled butt plugs are mostly available in stainless steel. The classy metallic body duly complements the sheen of a beautiful jewel at the base.

Available in various colors

You will find the jeweled plugs in a wide range of colors available. Some of the brands offer them in sets with a series of plugs in diverse shades. You can wear them matching with your mood and the color of your lingerie. If you are in a mood to pamper your man, you may go for the one with a stone in his favorite color. Then, if you want to sport a princess plug on your birthday night, choose a one with your best color. So, you, there is a sea of possibilities to explore with the jeweled or princess butt plugs.

You must be all charged up by now to try your first ever jeweled plug? Well, the great news is the butt plug market today is bustling with a variety of princess plugs to choose from. However, not all would be the “right” one for you. Thus, here is a brief on the best of jeweled plugs for you.

Lovehoney Beginner’s Metal Butt Plug

If you are just starting out in the world of butt plugs, this Lovehoney one will ensure a beautiful beginning of your backdoor fun. The plug is 1.2” wide so that you can experience a solid girth without things getting too intimidating for a beginner. It’s made of zinc alloy (nickel free) and you will love its classy metallic shine. Thanks to its 2.5” insertable space, the toy is not very intrusive exactly. The plug also scores with its smooth edges which assures a safe and comfortable insertion.

The tapering body of the plug allows a hassle-free insertion while its rounded tip ensures no harsh pointed-ness that could make insertion painful.

If you are in the mood of temperature, count on this cutie hands down. Zinc responds wonderfully to a sexy temperature play and you can hope for a marvelous time with the toy.

Lucky Star Aluminum Jeweled Butt Plug

Unlike the previous one which is made from Zinc, this toy is crafted with care from aluminum. Aluminum feels lighter than Zinc which means you will have a more comfortable experience here. The plug is around 1.35” in width which allows a  breezy insertion. It’s neither too big nor too small. However, this plug may not be that suitable for a beginner. If you have been using butt plugs for a while, you may try out this one from Lucky Star. In regards to the toy’s insertable room, it’s around 3” this time.

Despite its lightweight, the toy promises solid pressure on your G-spot and rewards you with a mindblowing G-spot stimulation.

LuxGem Jeweled Pink Butt Plug

If you have a thing for the “pink” color, this is the jeweled butt plug for you.

A striking feature of the plug is its unique shape. Most of the butt plugs that we see feature main girth right towards edges of the toy. But, this one from LuxGem has kept its main girth closer to entrance of anal door. The toy gets slimmer as it moves up which assure a very comfortable insertion.

In regards to width, the toy is around 1.6” in diameter. No, this is not just for the beginners. It’s hard not to fall for the toy given its unique design and lovely pink stone. But, if you are a new user, save it in your wish list and use it later when you get more seasoned.

The toy is made from zinc alloy (nickel-free) and you will surely admire its elegant metal outlook. Besides, the toy is also hypoallergenic. And since zinc responds well to extreme temperatures, this one will be your ultimate plug-partner for temperature play.

Tips to remember while buying a jeweled plug

Do not buy your jeweled plug from any generic retail store. Also look for a branded adult toy store for your butt plug. Don’t forget to check the reviews and ratings before choosing your model. We have been getting positive feedback from our readers that lovegasm has great jeweled butt plugs, so you might want to get yours there.

If you have not used any kind of butt plug before, refrain from buying a whole bejeweled set. You never know whether at all you will like the butt plug experience. So, it’s best to look for individual pieces here. However, if you are a seasoned butt plug user, you can buy a whole set with plugs in various colors and share with your girl friends.

Be careful of the material and size while buying a butt plug. Go for metal and silicone ones as they are hypoallergenic and safe for the body. If you are a novice user, start with the smallest size. Check the experience and sensation with your first butt plug. Once you get accustomed to this beauty, go for bigger sizes for more pleasure.