Our Team

Estelle Valencia

Estelle started as a makeup artist for a wedding planner in Seattle. She got to train with fellow makeup artists and develop her own style. Her creations were noticed in one of the weddings attended by producers in the adult industry and was offered a job. She was amazed by the turn of events, that she decided to start documenting her work, best practices, and other encounters for everyone to see.

Adele Quintero

Adele joined Makeup Pro three years after Estelle launched this website. She met Estelle in one of the events that were attended by amateur porn stars, and from there on she was invited to write for the blog. Adele now takes care of most of the content planning and the articles that are published regularly.

Nana Malone
Business Coordinator

We are thankful that Nana is part of our team. Due to the website’s increased traffic, we now have sponsors that are important to our business. They are the source of the products that normally giveaway to our followers. Nana ensures that sponsors who want to do business with us are well taken cared of and that we share the same values.