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Multimedia components keep our website content interactive. The saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, is true. If your blog post doesn’t have photos or videos, you’re missing out on potential readers. At the minimum, you need a high-quality pinnable image and an image for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Many bloggers LOVE writing and HATE creating images. If you thrive in the world of multimedia creation, we will gladly pay you to make branded, high-quality images for us.

You can specialize and become a writer for us. Or you can create packages for other social networks. Instagram is a big one right now. Think about what bloggers need, and put a package together selling your services. Make sure your own blog has great images, as that will be your starter portfolio.

You can create:

• Cover images
• Featured images
• Images based on a quote from a blog post
• Optimized images for all social networks (Pinterest, Instagram, •
• Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Bringing content to life through images takes time and design skills that many bloggers don’t have. So what are you waiting for? If you have these skills and passion, join our team today! Message us at