A new found fashion: Why women love latex skirts

How latex skirts started

The history of latex skirts is longer than many might think. In fact, the very first use of latex started in 1600 BC. How is that possible, you may ask? Well, we’re talking about natural latex. This type of rubber is harvested from the plants and then manipulated. This material is resistant and durable, and making it into fashion items is very difficult.

In modern times, latex has been used to reinforce things like caps and coats and make them longer-lasting. The emergence of the Mackintosh raincoat in 1824 made a lot of people realize that they were a fan of rubber clothes. 

Even though these coats were popular, they weren’t so easy to wear. They were heavy, warm, and had a distinct smell. The fetish communities noticed the benefits of latex, tried to claim the fashion, but were quickly forced into hiding during World War II.

Later on, in the 1950s, the first catsuit was invented as clothing for bikers, but real use turned out to be more private. As time went on, fetishists and punks helped the popularity of latex fashion skyrocket. Fashion designers started working with this material, and that’s how many pieces, including latex skirts, came to exist.

Perceptions on latex change overtime

Before the rise of women’s latex skirts, latex fashion was reserved almost exclusively for kinksters. So, what did the BDSM community see in latex, especially when the Mackintosh raincoat came about? 

They saw that there’s more to this material than just durability. Latex is shiny, can hug the skin, has a distinct feel and smell, and all of that was emphasized by the first catsuit. People noticed how sexy they felt wearing it, and they loved it. 

Since latex feels like a second skin, wearing latex clothing makes you feel like a sexier version of yourself. But those BDSM fans of yore couldn’t walk the streets in latex catsuits, especially because people weren’t so open-minded as they are today. 

Eventually, though, designers started working with latex, making it into all kinds of clothing items we know and love today. But, even though latex clothing, including latex skirts, is popular today, it’s still a symbol of over sexuality and taboo. However, these clothing items now come in different colors, making them more elegant and sensual.

Latex skirts can be worn anytime

Now, let’s talk about latex skirts. These skirts are very trendy nowadays and have been for quite some time now. You can probably see influencers and celebrities wearing them all the time. This only makes us think that we can wear latex skirts anytime and anywhere. And it’s true. 

However, you should probably keep in mind where you’re going and what you’re doing. That’s because not all places will be accepting of latex clothing because they may be a bit more conservative or traditional.

For example, wearing a latex skirt to work can be fashionable, professional, and tasteful. On the other hand, some workplaces have strict dress codes, and latex skirts aren’t often included. So, if your workplace has a traditional dress code, it’s best to follow it. Save your latex skirt outfits for clubs, bars, special occasions, etc.

If you’re new to latex, wearing skirts may need some time to get used to. Since it’s so tight-fitting, many people feel uncomfortable by it. However, it’s this exact restrictiveness that makes wearing latex so freeing. We encourage you to try wearing it around the house at least. If you find it comfortable or arousing, we’re sure you can think of other places to wear your latex skirt, too.

Latex skirts adjust to temperature

What makes some women reluctant to wear latex skirts is the fact that latex can get damager easily. Things like makeup, UV lights, and even cigarettes can really pretty much render it unusable. 

Of course, your skirt won’t immediately come undone when it comes into contact with any of the harmful agents. However, they will speed up the natural wear and tear process, meaning you won’t be able to wear your favourite outfits for long.

Another concerning thing is the temperature. Latex does not look very breathable, and that concerns a lot of people. But the truth is that latex skirts adjust to the temperature around you, making them more comfortable to wear. 

So, they won’t be too hot or too cold, but you should still mind the temperature when going out. Extremely hot or cold weather can seriously damage latex, making it melt or stiffen. And no one wants that when wearing their favorite skirt.

Other than that, latex skirts are perfectly comfortable to wear, even if you’re just going on a date or taking a stroll. Why would you dress up while going on a simple walk? Well, looking good makes anyone feel good, so we always encourage it.

Latex skirts are ‘high-fashion’

If you told kinksters from the past that latex clothing would be considered high-fashion, they would probably laugh in your face. Thankfully, the world is much more accepting of taboos now. So much so that people readily talk about them and their kinks. It’s only natural that they’re proudly wearing taboo clothing too. This is especially the case for latex skirts.

You can now find more than just leather and vinyl clothing in high fashion because latex is taking over. This means we can see models strutting in latex skirts on numerous runways and fashion shows. Fashion shows are how brands promote their new pieces, catching the attention of celebrities and influencers first. Since celebrities are trendsetters, they’re creditable for making the popularity of latex skirts skyrocket.

Latex skirts are fashionable, and you can make all kinds of outfits with them. You can also wear these skirts casually, with a pair of sneakers, making them look and feel even more comfortable. Don’t believe us? See it here if you want to see our suggested latex suits that fit your high-fashion goals. They might have a glossy look and smooth feel, but rest assured, you can wear them however you like and always look trendy.

Latex skirts make women feel sexy and confident

So, what’s the real reason why women love latex skirts? It’s all about how they make them feel. Sure, latex skirts have unique designs and feel to them. This is what attracts women’s attention first. These skirts are fashionable, bold, and daring, which means wearing them is a step out of one’s comfort zone for many. Once when they put the skirt on, though, is when the magic happens.

As we’ve explained, many will feel a bit uncomfortable at first. Since latex is so skin-right, it can feel revealing even when you’re completely covered. However, accentuating your curves is what latex does best, and that will make anyone feel sexy. When you wear latex, you feel as good as you look.  

Trust us when we say that you’ll have enough confidence to conquer the world. It’s no wonder why many women try a latex skirt once and then never want to wear anything else.

The feeling of confidence that wearing a latex skirt provides is something you can rarely find anywhere else. So, whenever you need a little ego boost, put a latex skirt on and show everyone you mean business!