15 Brilliant Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas They’ll Love

I’m not talking about “I’m the Bride” t-shirts, customized cups, or penis-themed.

There’s nothing wrong with them, but …

They’ve been done TO DEATH.

I’m talking about the clever gift options or themes that will make a bachelorette party something amazing – from classy to tastefully raunchy.

These can either be things directly FOR the bride or special additions to the day that everyone can enjoy.


A drunken night of  celebration and debauchery – hangover included for free

“Minibar in a Jar” is a good themed gift.

Most of the time, they’re recommended for groomsmen/grooms, but screw that. Chickies love their hooch too.

It’s also a good way to get your pre-drinking-game going.

If you and your crew are interested in Scavenger Hunts or Checklists, check out this “Last Fling Before the Ring” to-do list. (Obviously customizable for the craziness of the participants).

One of my favorites is the “Oh Shit Kit” – all items help combat the next day’s punishment. 

And, there are MANY other “hangover kit” versions out there depending on how much swag you want to give. Don’t forget one for each of your guests.


They come in a variety of colors, and you can write messages ON the bride – extra points if you can find a black light to make them glow. There are also edible options as well.

And last, but not least … you guessed it … SEX TOYS!

Brides or friends will love them. If you want to go cheap, there are plenty of novelty toys out there (these are the ones you should NOT insert into anything). There are also many mid-priced ones if you prefer sex toys you can actually use.

WARNING: the drunker guests get, the greater chance they’ll whip out their toys in public (which can be fun too).

And, if you want to get REALLY naughty, there are sex toys you can control with your phone or sync with audio – find a club with some heavy beats and try to control your moans.

However, if you’re the conservative type but still wants to give something that’s being put in a vagina, better give yoga yoni eggs as gift. They’ll surely love it!


It could be a sleepover or at-home spa theme.

Adult Pinatas are always a good option – but filled with goodies that the girls will love.

You’re going to need Fun Ice Cubes to go with your cocktails…

And I must admit, I fell in love with these diamond ones, but there will be anything out there for any theme or style.

For those who are desperate for a photo shoot, don’t go with boring selfies.

Get some personalized criminal pages printed (including fun crimes like “aiding and abetting” or “public nudity” and have a “Mug Shot” session.

The alternative is an “I Woke Up Like This” photo.

It makes for great Instagram

Foodies can try a Waffle Bar spread for breakfast. Or, maybe add some other great hangover food to the mix if you decided to have an at-home mixer.


Relax with a Spa Day – this can be at an actual spa or a DIY (there are tons of ideas on the internet for affordable home treatments).

For those who are sportier, go hiking, white water rafting, or the less-dangerous yoga.

… or tale Pole Dancing Classes – because it’s still exercising!

Picnics out in nature and clean air (with healthy snacks)


The “Year of Firsts” basket is a must for anyone who loves wine. The “first fight” is an especially nice touch. But I would have made it something stronger than wine.

7 Days of Underwear is fabulous if your friend likes crazy panties. Get seven pairs each in an envelope with an appropriate title like “Sleepy Sunday” or “Wild Wednesday”.

If you fill a bag with handcuffs, sexy dice, some racy lingerie, or whatever other sex-pot stuff you can imagine, you’ll have a Sexy Stash the bride can use for her wedding night (or any night after that).

Next, would be a Pedicure in a Jar – which is ALSO good for bachelorette parties where you just want to hang at home.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Have other fun gift ideas? Share in the comments!